Hands-On Clinical Practice
For IMGs, Chicago Clerkships guarantees a full externship experience. Under supervision, you will be able to take medical histories, perform clinical examinations,and present cases to supervising physician, present options for treatment plans and receive feedback from supervising physician. For international medical students, Chicago Clerkships offers core and elective clinicals and can work together with your medical school to make sure that you receive corresponding credit.
Orientation and Training
Placements include a pre-placement orientation on HIPAA requirements, cultural-competency, and an overview on securing other training (Basic Life Support Certification, Basic First Aid Certification, Blood Borne Pathogens Certification, etc.). When your placement is secured, one of our staff members will contact you to set up your orientation.
Resume/CV Critique
We offer a complementary review and critique of your resume and personal statement, including tips and suggestions for improvements. This review is included in your placement package and there is no additional fee.
Clinical Evaluation
At the end of each rotation, the supervising physician will, upon request, provide you with feedback based on a standardized clinical evaluation format.
Letters of Recommendation
For each 4-week rotation, Chicago Clerkships guarantee a minimum of one high-quality letter of recommendation from your supervising physician. The content of the letters is subject to the supervisor’s discretion. We can guarantee a thorough reference letter, but the content must be earned.
Airport Pickup
Chicago Clerkships understands that you may be visiting the United States for the first time. We offer Airport Pick Up so you don’t have to worry about navigating your transportation upon arrival.
Homestay Referrals
Chicago Clerkships offers complementary information about housing that we have evaluated for quality and convenience prior to your arrival. We make every effort to help you find options that are within 1 hour, door-to-door, by public transportation to your clinical rotation placement. Homestay offers a unique insight into the culture of the United States, further opportunity to perfect your English language skills, and a warm, hospitable environment. Homestay enables you to focus on your clerkship (you won’t have to worry about your basic needs like food, wifi, laundry, etc.).
VIP Concierge Service
Chicago Clerkships can take care of all your housing and transportation planning, arrangements and payments with our VIP Concierge Service. We purchase your transportation cards for you, or make your shuttle reservations, and assist you with setting up your mobile phone communications and banking arrangements. We treat all of our clients like VIPS, but the Concierge package is offers an economical solution for those who do not want the hassle of organizing all of the logistics around their stay in the United States.