Daryne says: “In this is pediatric rotation I got to take patient’s history and did physical exams on the patients. I literally had hands on practice with patients and learnt from Dr. X. I was also responsible for patients’ data input on the computer and patients’ folders. The schedule for the surgery rotation was Monday at Mount Sinai at 7:30 am till the end of doctor’s surgeries, and rounds with him together with the residents for post-op patients. Tuesday at Schwab Rehabilitation at 9am until all patients were seen. Then continue at Mount Sinai for either surgeries or post-op patients. Dismiss time is usually 2-3pm Wednesday at University of Chicago at 8:30am attending the conferences, dismissal after the conference, usually at noon. Thursday and Friday at Advocate Illinois Masonic at 10am – 4pm and do physical examinations on patients and discuss the cases. Dr. X always teaches and explains everything.”