Sanchit says: “I have had a big sense of satisfaction from this rotation so far. This was the first rotation I ever had in the US during which attending has been setting up the time to make productive discussion of Ob/Gyn material. This fact I found very helpful for my step 3 exam preparation. This was the best part of this rotation and I just loved it. I feel sorry that I couldn’t make this rotation before my CK exam. So far I have had the following opportunities to perform: observed and performed speculum, bi-manual pelvic and breast exams, speculum, bi-manual pelvic and breast exams, collected vaginal, cervical swabs, liquid based thin layer PAP, swab for GBS, selected and inserted pessary, performed KOH test, Ferning test. Observed as well as: DEXA scanning, Spontaneous Vaginal Labor (1), Caesarian Section (it was 1 so far, I was offered to scrub in and assist as a 2nd assistant, but I was not confident as it was my first experience and missed that opportunity), D&C (2), Hysteroscopy with Polypectomy, (1), Hysterosalpingography, Transvaginal/Transabdonimal Pelvic US, Insertion of Implenon, colposcopy exam with a biopsy.”
Nimisha says: “Our experience with Dr. X was wonderful, we learned a lot and it also helped us hone our skills for step 2 CS examination. What we really liked about the rotation was how much Dr. X taught us regarding evidence based medicine, that made us start thinking about medicine with a different approach. I don’t think there was anything in my rotation that we did not like.”