In a hurry and highly motivated?

Chicago Clerkships is offering ROTATION BOOT CAMPS. You can do two rotations simultaneously and get two LORs. We will help you work out the schedule. 

The boot camps are just combining two regular rotations that can be done simultaneously. Generally you work 2-3 days at each site, and each is considered a full rotation. This is for people who are running out of time, or cannot spend a lot of time in the US.

Currently we are offering these combinations:

Internal Medicine Boot Camp

Internal + Internal

Family Medicine Boot Camp, adult focus

Internal + Family

Family Medicine Boot Camp, pediatric focus

Peds ER + Family

Emergency Boot Camp

Peds ER + General ER

Pediatric Boot Camp, baby focus

Peds ER + OB/GYN

If you have a specific request, we can see if it’s possible. 

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