On-Site Rotations

We are still offering hands-on clinical rotations. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, and with the exception of specific rotations in emergency medicine, psychiatry and neurology, most all of our rotations have eliminated any hospital exposure for the time being and are fully outpatient.  You’ll find that currently, most of the hospitals across the US are on lockdown due to the virus. 

Rest assured, even in normal times, many of our clients do ALL of their USCE in outpatient settings and then match, often to more than one program. However, please be aware that patient engagement is more limited than usual because most doctors are transitioning to telemedicine during the pandemic.

Quarantine Requirements  
In addition to the documents required for rotations, our preceptors are asking for COVID tests the week before you start. We will request that you get tested during the week before you start and send us the results. 

The total cost of one 4-week rotation is $2200 ($300 deposit + $1900 balance payment). Any additional 4-week rotations are discounted to $1700.

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