Chicago Clerkships offers the following clinical rotations:


Core Specialties

Internal Medicine (onsite and telemedicine)

Family Medicine (onsite and telemedicine)

OB/Gyn (onsite and telemedicine)

Pediatrics (onsite and telemedicine)

Psychiatry (onsite and telemedicine)

General Surgery (onsite and telemedicine)


Other Specialties and Sub-Specialties

Anesthesiology (onsite)

Dermatology  (onsite, IMGs only)

Emergency Medicine  (onsite)

Internal medicine/Cardiology  (onsite)

Ophthalmology (onsite)

Otolaryngology (ENT) (onsite)

Nephrology (onsite)

Neurology (onsite)

Radiology (telemedicine)

Plastic Surgery  (onsite)

Urology (onsite)

Please contact us for more details.


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