Telemedicine Rotations

Chicago Clerkships is now offering telemedicine rotations in pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology, family medicine, psychiatry, radiology and ob/gyn. Not only are telemedicine rotations useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine represents the future of medicine to some degree for all specialties.  These rotations provide you with the following experience:

  • A minimum of two sessions per week, usually three to four sessions (number of patient encounters per session will vary), for four weeks. Please be aware that because of the time differences, your telemedicine rotation may be scheduled at night or early morning.
  • Opportunity to take the medical history and direct the nurse, medical assistant or preceptor to perform the physical exam.
  • Post-encounter conversations with your supervisor to present your findings, diagnosis and treatment plan, and to receive an assessment of your performance.
  • One LOR on hospital letterhead or with hospital seal.
  • Opportunity for topic and case analysis and presentations, group discussions, webinars, and other didactic experiences.
  • Webinar with residency program recruitment committee member.

This is a new program that Chicago Clerkships is offering beginning April 1, 2020. You might consider this option as you will save money on travel, lodging and transportation.

Rotations offered:

Internal medicine, pediatrics, family medicine, psychiatry, neurology, ob/gyn, surgery, radiology, pathology and emergency medicine.  

You can find reviews HERE.  You can also see a video of one of our clients discussing telemedicine HERE.

Your clinical rotation also includes the following complimentary services:

*Access to our SIM lab sessions.
*EMR training session.
*Access to our exclusive homestay housing network (if you are staying in the Chicago area).
*Consultation and guidance on a variety of topics, from SIM cards to match application planning
*CV review and editing, formatted for your ERAS application, with instructional webinar (2 drafts)
*Personal statement review and editing, with instructional webinar (2 drafts)
*Resources for becoming HIPAA certified, and other certifications that build your application profile
*Webinars, live workshops and other activities, depending on the season
*Friendly, accessible staff

As you compare companies, make sure you ask if all of these services are included. Most companies do not include malpractice insurance or editing services, or they charge an extra fee for these services.

Here is the process for applying to our program and securing your placement: 

1) Visit our website at We suggest you read through the website.
2) Under the “Getting Started” link, select the APPLY page and there you will find a list of documents that you will need to send us and the link to our online form.
3) Fill out the online form. Indicate the rotations that interest you and any other information we should know. Please indicate TELEMEDICINE in the notes, and request one of the following rotations: pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology, family medicine, psychiatry or ob/gyn. Indicate your preferred start date (you can generally start on any Monday, beginning April 6, 2020 throughout the year, as availability permits). Please note that there is NO APPLICATION FEE. You don’t pay any money until you are ready to secure your rotation.
4) Send in your documents. The online application will instruct you as to the required documents which you should send to us at For telemedicine, we only require:

  • CV
  • Photocopy/scan of passport photo page (US drivers licenses and state IDs are also acceptable)
  • Letter of good standing (students) or proof of completion (graduates) from your medical school

5) We’ll review your form and the specialties or rotations that you are most interested in, and then we’ll work on finding the best fit for your needs. 
6) We will send you a placement offer that we think will fulfill your needs. When you receive our placement offer, review it carefully and if it is satisfactory, sign and initial it and send it back to us by email.  Then pay a $300 deposit if you are scheduling a telemedicine rotation more than two months in advance, or the entire payment if you are scheduling less than two months in advance. If you opt to pay the deposit, it will be deducted from your final balance payment. 
7) If you are not happy with the placement, let us know and we will try to find more suitable options for you and we’ll send you another placement offer. 

The total cost of one 4-week telemedicine rotation is $2250. Any additional 4-week telemedicine rotations are discounted to $1950.

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