NEW: Live, online medical Spanish classes

Spanish has become increasingly necessary for healthcare providers in the United States. For roughly 53 million people residing in the US, Spanish is their native language or they are bilingual. Chicago Clerkships is offering live low-cost online small group classes for those who wish to learn the basics of medical Spanish. Classes begin on May […]

Telemedicine is the future! US clinical experience online, with hospital LOR.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Chicago Clerkships is offering telemedicine rotations in pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology, family medicine, psychiatry and ob/gyn.  These rotations provide you with the following experience: Two sessions per week, 3-5 patients encounters per session, for four weeks. Opportunity to take the medical history and direct the nurse or medical assistant […]

COVID-19 Update

As of Sunday, March 15, 2020, Illinois had 64 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 449 have tested negative, and 195 tests are pending result.  No fatalities from the virus have been documented in Illinois. The fatalities are generally in the elderly and immuno-compromised, and usually when they do not get proper care (such as those on […]

Corona Virus?

Our hospital and outpatient sites continue to receive medical students and externs. If you have been bumped from a rotation due to the corona virus, contact us!

U of Washington’s sub-internship positions for international medical graduates–worth sharing again!

Each year the Department of Surgery at the University of Washington offers 4 visiting sub-internship positions to international medical graduates who are interested in pursuing a preliminary position in our residency program. Hospital surgery rotations are difficult for IMGs to secure, so we think this is worth sharing again.

Mayo Clinic Study: Telemedicine, eConsults, and Other Remote ID Clinical Services Make So Much Sense — Why Isn’t Everyone Doing it?

The ID group at Mayo Clinic just published a small but important study on the use of remote ID telemedicine consults for hospitals that have no ID services on-site. Comparing 100 cases who had “eConsults” with 300 historic controls, the investigators found that the cases with ID eConsults had a substantially better clinical outcome — […]

Chicago is home to the International Museum of Surgical Science–Not just for surgeons!

Learn more about their fascinating programs here:

Did you know? US health system costs 4 x more to run than Canada’s.

“In the United States, a legion of administrative health care workers and health insurance employees who play no direct role in providing patient care costs every American man, woman and child an average of $2,497 per year.” Read more about it here.

Interactive Match Outcome Charting from the National Residency Match Program: Try this now!

This interactive form provides IMGs and students some perspective on your potential for matching to residency programs. Plug in your scores and other info, and see the results!!/vizhome/ChartingOutcomes_0/ChartingOutcomes

Buddy discount ends January 31st! Start your rotation with a friend and each person receives $100 off.

Start your rotation (externship or clerkship) with a friend before January 31st and each person receives $100 off the first rotation.

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