Telemedicine is the future! US clinical experience online, with hospital LOR.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Chicago Clerkships is offering telemedicine rotations in pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology, family medicine, psychiatry and ob/gyn.  These rotations provide you with the following experience:

  • Two sessions per week, 3-5 patients encounters per session, for four weeks.
  • Opportunity to take the medical history and direct the nurse or medical assistant to perform the physical exam.
  • Post-encounter conversation with your supervisor to present your findings, diagnosis and treatment plan, and to receive an assessment of your performance.
  • One LOR on hospital letterhead or with hospital seal.
  • Opportunity for topic and case presentations and group discussions.
  • Webinar with residency program recruitment committee member.

This is a new program that Chicago Clerkships is offering beginning April 1, 2020. You might consider this option as you will save money on travel, lodging and transportation. Contact us for more details!

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