Fall & Winter 2020~2021 Discounts and Opportunities

Telemedicine is Now the Norm, Fall and Winter Discounts, Medical Spanish Classes, and Added Perks

Telemedicine is Now the Norm
It is unlikely that here in the United States we will ever return 100% to the way we were previously delivering medical care. It is more likely we’ll adjust to a hybrid version of telemedicine + patient visits. Given this reality, Chicago Clerkships will continue to offer telemedicine rotations and onsite outpatient rotations. We expect that any hospital exposure for IMGs will be extremely hard to find throughout 2021 and perhaps into 2022. (Please note: we still have one emergency medicine rotation that is hospital-based.) Contact us for more details about these rotations. 

Fall and Winter Discounts
Our buddy discount program starts November 1st! This year we are offering a $200 discount off all initial telemedicine rotations when two or more clients apply together and start their rotations during the same month. This discount applies to all rotations commencing between November 1, 2020 and January 31, 2021. Deeper discounts are available for larger groups. Contact us for more information.

Medical Spanish Classes
These classes are underway currently and a new session opens in November. Each 4-week session includes 8 classes and focuses on taking a medical history. Spanish is the second language here in the US and knowing a little Spanish is a plus for your CV and can help you build rapport with your patients.  Contact Emelie at program@chicagoclerkships.com for more information. 

Added Perks
All of our clients are welcome to join two special sessions that we are offering on a weekly basis:

  • Online simulation sessions at Stroger Cook County Hospital. (Clients who are staying in the Chicago area may be able to participate in person.) These sessions usually are attended by medical students and residents from CCH and other local medical schools as well as IMGs.   https://youtu.be/3o1-o66CJ-8
  • Online electronic medical records training sessions.

Both sessions are included with the Chicago Clerkships rotation package. If you are not a past or present client of Chicago Clerkships, the fee for attending one of these sessions is $150. In some cases, we can waive the fee. Contact us for more information.Co

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