Medical Spanish Course, October 2020

Looking for a quick upgrade to your ERAS application? We have it!
New Medical Spanish Course starting on Monday, October 5th. Last day to register is Sunday, October 4th.

We are offering one time slot for Beginner 1a classes:  ​Monday and
Wednesday evenings, 6:45pm to 8:00pm, US Central Time   (To check the
time in your location, is useful.)

To register and for further details, please read below and contact us through our contact form on the website.

Why Spanish?
Spanish language skills have become increasingly necessary for
healthcare providers in the United States. Knowing a little Spanish
gives you an extra added boost to your application.

About Our Method
Chicago Clerkships offers a quick and fun way to learn to take a
medical history in Spanish with live, low-cost, online small-group
classes. By the end of the course, you will be able to indicate “basic” level
Spanish on your ERAS application and state that you can take a basic
medical history in Spanish.

The course includes two 60 to 75-minute classes per week for four
weeks with expert teacher Emelie Viklund, who has lived in Mexico for
ten years and taught Spanish for several years at Habla Spanish
Language School in Merida, Yucatan. Classes are offered via Zoom conferencing, and are open to Chicago Clerkships clients and others.

Each session will utilize what is called the “direct” or “natural”
method where teaching is conducted in the target language. We will
use drawings, written materials, and photos to convey basic messages,
as well as call and response, and lots of listening/speaking

Overview of Level 1 (Variation is possible due to class size)

Session 1
Alphabet (sounds and pronunciations)
Grammar module verb “to be”

Session 2
Vocabulary human body
Grammar module verbs “to have pain” and “to hurt”
Asking simple questions

Session 3
Number and time
Asking more questions
Vocabulary of medical common problems

Session 4
Personal and family medical history
Chronic diseases
Habits (smoking/ drinking/ medication/ pregnancy)

Session 5
More number and time frames
Asking questions about age, work and exercise
Respiratory system

Session 6
Back and muscular problems
Mental health
Gastrointestinal system

Session 7
Urinary and reproductive systems
Sexual activity and contraceptives
Probing question for more information

Session 8
Brief introduction to pediatrics
Skin rash and other dermatological problems
Final review and clarifications

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